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Bet on Yourself Blend Coffee



Yep! You’re reading that right. Yay, Coffee!!!

Trail Sisters is very excited to announce our Take a Bet on Yourself Blend.

Why coffee!? Well, for a lot of us it’s how we start our day. You know… “don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee”. It’s also something that many of us rely on to get out of the door for the day’s adventures. Coffee time is a great time to remind yourself to Take a Bet on Yourself today, and everyday!

Tasting Notes: Juicy plum, pear, refined sugar and dark chocolate

***Ground Coffee Note: We do not have an industrial coffee grinder. This will be ground in our consumer grade grinder “medium” grind. Good for drip machines. For a more controlled grind, please do it yourself! 🙂

We are very excited to be partnering with some awesome people on this coffee:

Café Delas Growers

We haven’t (yet) had the opportunity to travel to Brazil, but when we learned about Café Delas we knew we wanted to roast and sell their coffee beans. Café Delas was created to help women farmers access the resources, knowledge and voice they need to grow their operations to the fullest potential.

Café Delas is based on the idea that given better access to resources traditionally held out of their reach, and an equal voice in leadership, women will not only produce fine specialty grade coffee, they will create positive impacts within their families and communities as a result.

All Café Delas coffee (100%) is traceable to the farm level and is guaranteed as produced by women. Women manage receivables, invoicing customers and receiving payment directly into their own financial accounts. The women of Café Delas must work with coffee directly and hold relevant positions on the farm. Finally, for every pound of Café Delas sold, Olam Specialty Coffee Distributor donates 5cts/lb to the program to invest in initiatives that promote gender equality and empower women in coffee agriculture.

Read more about Café Delas

Storyline Roasters

Trail Sisters is so happy to have Storyline as part of our coffee story!

Storyline is owned by our neighbors (yep, right around the corner) Amber, Tyler and Everly Mae their newborn daughter! Months ago while talking about coffee (because they are coffee experts) they brought up the idea of restarting their Coffee Roasting business. So of course Trail Sisters told them they should Take a Bet on Themselves!

I wanted to be an example to our daughter, to show her that it’s worth taking a chance on what you’re passionate about. Because of the community that brought me to Trail Sisters, we took the leap and relaunched Storyline Coffee Roasters. Now Trail Sisters is a part of our story.

-Amber,  Storyline Coffee Roasters

Storyline Website

Coffee is packaged in 100% compostable packaging (including the valve and closure).

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